Our inaugural conference, The Spirit Survives: A National Movement Toward Healing, brings diverse speakers and participants together to raise awareness around the history of U.S. Indian boarding schools and begin healing within tribal communities. Our conference is the first in the U.S. aimed at understanding and addressing U.S. Indian boarding school impacts. Our scheduled speakers come from tribal nations, universities, and advocacy organizations across Indian Country.


Topics to be covered include:

  • Truth in History: Explore the history of U.S. Indian boarding schools and truth-telling efforts to locate the missing U.S. boarding school records
  • Intergenerational Trauma: Learn about ongoing impacts of boarding schools from experts in intergenerational trauma and trauma-informed healing models
  • Community-Led Healing: Participate in collaborative discussions and exercises aimed at promoting healing within American Indian/Alaska Native communities
  • Personal Stories: Hear from survivors of boarding schools and their descendants who will be sharing their stories of hope, healing, and resiliency


Please view our full Preliminary Agenda here!